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Welcome to Krome Cosmetics.

Here you will find cosmetics and personal care with your beauty, health, and safety in mind.  I promise all of my customers that I be vigilant about only using safe chemicals and packaging.  I have read some horrifying information  about some of the chemicals that are present in personal care products (especially baby products) that are carcinogenic (aka cancer causing).  How is this possible, you ask? Doesn't the FDA regulate this stuff? In a word, no.  Most of the problem lies in impurities in these ingredients or by products of the processing. These aren't required to be listed on the label in the US, but they are in the EU (Europe). A lot of them are banned, in fact, in the EU and Japan. 

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PLEASE NOTE: As we are a very small company, we are closed during the weeks of all major holidays. Thanks for you patience and understanding.

Products currently in formulation are:  pressed foundations, bath products, baby products.  I've had a lot of requests for the foundation, and while it is a huge undertaking due to all of the different skintones, I aim to please.  My initial color offering may be a bit limited, but if you want to send me a small sample in a little ziplock I'd be happy to try to custom match. 

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