About Us

Krome Cosmetics was created about 5 years ago when I began doing my dream job.  I started working as a chemist for a personal care company.  Since I was a little girl I wanted to be a cosmetics chemist.  I learned that I had the ability to do my own formulations and began wondering why I was working for someone else.  I also ride a 2001 Fatboy and began to realize that nobody made cosmetics that were geared towards the needs of women riders.  When I had my daughter in 2008, my dreams got a little sidetracked to fulfill a dream I never knew I had, to be a great mom.  Since then, there may have been a few biker oriented cosmetics lines pop up.  However, I promise you my company was the original and it will have the most heart and creativity.  I am always willing to entertain requests for products.  Without your demands, I am unable to supply.  I'm not looking to get filchy rich off of my sisters.  I just want to be able to support my family and have something that my daughter can be proud of.